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  • Mustbe related to the field of study.

  • Practicaland functional command of English language.

  • Mustbe post-secondary (after STD XII) students currently enrolled


  • Whohave completed their course in the last one year.


  • Mustbe related to the field of study or experience.

  • Practicaland functional command of English language.

  • Must have a university degree orprofessional certificate from an institution AND at least one year or

  • additional related experience outside of the U.S after completion of course


  • Fiveyears of experience outside of the US, in the field of training.

  • Traineeswill be allowed to stay in the US for up to 18 months. Trainees who will bepursuing training in business management at a hotel or any companies will be allowedto train for up to 18 months. The Training program will be repeatable after agap of two years.

  • Thereis no limit to the number of times a person may participate in a training orinternship program as long as they continue to meet the selection criteria. Thetraining or internship must not duplicate the participants prior workexperience or training. It must expand upon their previous knowledge andskills.


  • Opportunityto get training in an American company & understand their corporate way oflife.

  • Helps in professional development

  • Learn about the latest developments in your field.

  • GlobalExposure – get experience in an international environment.

  • CulturalExchange – make friends with candidates coming from various countries.

  • Stipendwill be at least the minimum wages specified by the US government, currentlyUS$ 7.25 per hour but usually participants earns US$ 1,200 – 2,500 per month.

PROGRAM FEES                                                                 Rs.196,000  - 226,000


  • Visaapplication fees – Rs. 10,000 approx.                            

  • SEVIS(Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) – US $ 180                                        

  • Airfare–return – Rs. 75,000 approx.

  • Otherliving expenses like transportation, housing, meals, personal expenses, etc.


  • All housing cost has to be paid by the participant.

  • Theaverage time required to locate intern/trainee position in the All Inclusiveprogram is about 4 months from the date of submission of application kit and 1stInstallment of the US Company.

  • A participant, who has been given a placement offer of a minimum of 30 hours /week; confirming to the description given in this program information flyer,will be considered placed. Once placed, no request for canceling the programwill be entertained and no amount will be refunded.

  • Somecompanies frequently recruit a substantial number of candidates at one time,but the candidates are selected by the Host Company. Kareer Krafters India Pvt.Ltd. does not and cannot influence this decision. Cancellation of program dueto not being selected along with their friends will not be entertained.Participation in this program is for professional reasons and for enhancingcareer prospects.

  • Participantsare required to be flexible regarding geographical area of placement, type ofplacement and type of Host Company.

  • Acandidate can train only at the location given in the training plan. Working indifferent or additional location is illegal and can result in deportation and /or fines and / or imprisonment.

  • Minimumwage prescribed by the US government is $ 7.25 per hour

  • HousingDeposit & Rent: Some companies require us to collect this in advance fromthe candidate. This amount will be collected at the time of issue of visasupport papers.


  • Incase of cancellation within 6 months after submission of complete applicationkit and 1st installment of US Company, amount paid to us and to theUS company will be not be refunded.

  • Incase no placement is located in 6 months after submission of completeapplication kit and 1st installment of US Company, full amount paidto us will be refunded. The US company will refund the amount after deductingUS $ 150.

  • If a candidate cancels the program after placement has been made but before issueof visa papers (DS 2019) an amount of US$ 1,800 for the 12 months program andUS $ 2,000 for the 18 months program will be charged by the US Company and Rs.10,000 by our company.

  • If a host company (employer) cancels the program after placement then anotherplacement will be located or full amount paid will be refunded

  • If a candidate cancels the program after issue of visa papers (DS 2019) and priorto departure (either before or after obtaining the visa), then no amount willbe refunded.

  • Incase a candidate has visa application denied, will be refunded all amount,except US$ 800 and Rs. 5,000  if the original DS 2019 form andoriginal proof of visa denial given to you by the Embassy / Consulate issubmitted to us within 5 days of the date of visa denial. No refund will be issued if documents are not submitted within 5days.

  • VisaForm correction: An amount of US$ 200 will be charged for any correctionsresulting in a document that must be reissued due to information incorrectlyentered on the application and / or not verified correctly.

  • Norefund will be given if the visa is denied because the candidate gives falseinformation to the Consulate / Embassy about employment, false educational orother documents, and / or concealed facts about relatives / friends in USA,either legal residents or illegal workers and / or concealed the fact of his /her previous attempt to receive any type of entry visa to the United States andapplication denial.

  • SEVISfees and Visa fees once paid, either by sponsor organisation or participant,are not refundable.

  • Nofees will be refunded once an applicant has entered USA including changing placements,termination of placement and / or early departure from USA.

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