United States of America - Summer Jobs Abroad


Make productive use of your summer vacation

Work in USA – Earn $ 7 – 10 per hour

Travel & visit USA

Work in famous US companies

Global exposure – get work experience in an international environment

Cultural exchange – make friends with students coming from all over the world

Get away from the intense summer heat of India

Improves English communication skills

Increase confidence


*        Internationaliseyour CV – differentiate yourself in this competitive job environment



Hotels, Amusement park, Retail, Resorts &Parks, Fast food


·        Must be between 18-30 years of age.

·        Be enthusiastic, dependable & eager toexperience new ways of life, willing to learn about the culture & people ofUSA.

·        Not have a criminal record.

·        Be able to work in the summer vacation for theentire duration of the program May to August.

·        Must have completed at least one year of a courseof study at university level.

·        Practical and functional command of English language.

·        Enrolled as a full-time student in a degreegranting, post secondary study program.

·        Willing to work in an entry-level job at minimumwages.



·        Assistance will be provided in arrangingaccommodation. All housing cost has to be paid by the candidate.

·        Period following the successful completion of theprogram. This period can be used to travel around USA. No work is allowedduring this 30 days period.

·        This is a cultural exchange / practical training /internship program and not employment.

·        Process time: 3 months from date of submission ofcomplete set of documents.

·        In the hospitality industry, jobs are classified astipped positions (waiters/servers, bellman, bartenders) and non-tippedpositions (kitchen, housekeeping, etc.), Minimum wage prescribed by the USgovernment is $ 7.25 per hour for non-tipped positions and $ 2.13 per hour fortipped positions. The practice amongst guests dining in restaurants is to pay10-15% of the bill amount as gratuities (tips). Persons working in tipped positionsearn $50-100 per shift as gratuities (tips). In case a person in a tippedposition does not earn the minimum wage, then the employer will pay thedifference.

·        Enrolment deadline is 30th November anddocument submission deadline is 31st December

·        Group Arrival Schemes: Some employers require students to arrive in groups on particular daysonly. For students traveling in groups, we will negotiate directly withairlines/travel agents to buy tickets at competitive rates. Students who willbe working at these employers will have to travel according to this arrangementonly. No exception can be made.

·        Processtime – approx. 4 months from date of submission of alldocuments.

·        Replacement of Forms [DS 2019] will cost US $ 100.


PROGRAMFEES                                                                                               Rs.91,000


·        ONE confirmed placement offer of 30-40 hours perweek containing details of hours, pay, uniforms, housing deposits, etc.

·        A candidate, who has been given a job offerfulfilling the description given in this brochure related to pay, housing &working hours will be considered fully placed and no refund request will beconsidered. A replacement offer may be requested at an additional fee of US $200 if jobs are available. Otherwise, the original job offer will be consideredvalid.

·        Visa Support Forms necessary to apply for visas.

·        Includes health insurance for the duration of theprogram.

·        Visa counseling

·        Pre-departure Orientation

·        24-Hour emergency support in USA for the durationof the program.



·        SEVIS Fee    -Rs. 2,100

·        Visa Fee      -Rs. 10,000

·        Airfare – to & fro – Rs. 80,000



·        If candidate cancels the program within 4 months,amount paid will not be refunded.

·        If no placement is found within 4 months from thedate of submission of complete application kit, full fees paid to us will berefunded.

·        If a candidate cancels after placement but beforeissue of visa sponsorship, then Rs. 10,000 will be deducted.

·        If a candidate is refused a visa, all fees paidafter deducting Rs.15,000 will be returned if all documents required forclaiming refunds are submitted within 3 days of visa rejection.

·        In case of visa rejection due to submission offalse information or fraudulent documents and / or concealed the fact ofprevious attempt to receive any type of entry visa to the United States andapplication denial, the  amount of refundwill be as given in the client agreement.

·        No refunds will be issued once visas have beenapproved.

·        No fees will be refunded once an applicant hasentered USA including changing jobs, termination of employment and / or earlydeparture from USA.

·        SEVIS fees and Visa fees once paid, either by SponsorOrganization or candidate, are non-refundable. 

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